[Captions by Y Translator] Today’s video is sponsored by Anki. Today, we’re going to be playing with, and talking a little bit about the vector robot made by Anki. [Music] Guys, I’m Nate. I’m Calli. And this is Vector. He is our new pet robot. I love him. Vector is… Continue Reading A.I. Robots are in the House!

First, open your PSD file in Photoshop CC Go to: File → Save As → select Photoshop EPS from the drop down menu, and Save Select what elements to include and click Ok, this will also save vectors and layers information! The EPS file should now open with Illustrator, if… Continue Reading How to convert Photoshop PSD file to Illustrator AI (2019)

GRANT IMAHARA There’s no doubt about it. Robots have found their way into our lives. Manufacturing, healthcare and even the food service industry. And artificial intelligence gives devices the ability to think, learn and better interact with humans, so we can coexist. But what if we need more than that?… Continue Reading Generation Robot: Befriending Our Machines

(beeping noise) (whirring and beeping) – What’s that? – [Brian] I have a mystery box for you guys. There’s something in here that wants to say hi. (beeping and chirping noise) Do you hear something, Finn? – Yeah! (bright music) – Good morning you guys and welcome back to the… Continue Reading NEW FAMILY ROBOT SURPRISE!

♪ Vector: Robot sounds Hey Vector, what’s the weather? Vector: Robot sounds (Whispering) Hey Vector. Take a photo of me. SFX: Clicking noise from Vector VECTOR: Hey there. See you Vector. Vector: Robot noises KONA DEVICE: Hello, how can I help you? Kona, what’s the weather? KONA: Rain. Buying jacket,… Continue Reading Anki | Vector: The Good Robot | The Decision

– Hey Vector. (robot chimes) My name is Dieter. (robot chimes) – [Vector] Diter. Diter. – [Andrew] You’re Diter apparently. (upbeat music) – This little guy right here, he’s named Vector. He’s a home robot from Anki, and here’s a question, what can you do with him? Now if you’re… Continue Reading Vector: Anki’s tiny robot that wants to hang