We type the commands for the robot into our laptop We have to get these commands into our robot We use a cable to do this One end of the cable has a large rectangular plug The other end has smaller plug. Look for sockets in your computer. Only two… Continue Reading B2.1 Connecting the EV3 Robot to your computer

Find two angle beams Find four short black connectors Place a black connector into the hole shown Place a second short black connector in the next hole Now connect the beam to the computer brick It should look like this. Now prepare the second back leg But place the black… Continue Reading B1.4 Building an easy beginner Lego MindStorms EV3 robot; step 4 of 5

This is the EV3 Computer Brick The two wheel parts we put together in part 2 and four long connectors Put the connectors in to the computer brick Place second connector on the same side Attach motor to computer brick Be careful the motor is not facing backwards… Now take… Continue Reading B1.3 Building an easy beginner Lego MindStorms EV3 robot; step 3 of 5

[ Gun cocks ] You know me. I’m Walter White. I’m not in the meth business. I’m in the empire business. You want to know what it’s like to break bad? Well, I’m gonna break it down for you. [ Hip-hop music playing ] Because I am the one who… Continue Reading Breaking Bad Rap | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim

-Polly! -Whoo! Polly, this boat is so on fleek, it’s fleeker than a box of corn flakes! First of all, it’s not a boat. It’s my so-hip cruise ship! Whoo! Polly, I see lots of accessories but no navigation equipment. We could be dangerously off course! Whoo! Oh, my God,… Continue Reading Polly Pocket Cruise | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim

Maybe I should have used the term “cognitive neuroscience” however because they always call themselves “neuroscientists” I figured I’ll do the same

So I received this really fancy looking box from the folks at Dyson they claim to have the next innovative thing in vacuuming But this one is obviously different, You can tell from the box and the scale of it. *knocking* Ooooh! The 26th Dyson 360 Eye to enter the… Continue Reading The Most Futuristic Robotic Vacuum

all right listen up you maggots you are in nurse school you a tryout for the nerve team hey yo what’s going on guys Papa Jake here from Cuba me and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we back at school as you guys can… Continue Reading BOX FORT HIGH SCHOOL JOINING THE NERF TEAM!! 📦🚌 Nerf, Robots & School Roleplay