One of the key themes kind of in the subtext of the narratives of my work that I create is about democratizing artificial intelligence and kind of looking at the lack of AI governance and AI regulation. And the consequence and implications of that which is what my Perception iO… Continue Reading Why democratizing AI is absolutely crucial | Karen Palmer | Big Think

I’m going to be honest, I’m a doubter of the automation apocalypse theories. For one thing we don’t see it in the data, we actually have quite good productivity data, we know if we’re making more things with fewer or the same number of people and while it is true… Continue Reading Automation apocalypse: Too many robots? More like not enough. | Ezra Klein | Big Think

hello I am moto I would like a hug try and eat it down the hatch that’s not food that’s not food I’m not eating that hey yo what’s going on guys just pop Jake here from TV and we are back with a brand new video and today guys… Continue Reading 24 HOUR BOX FORT HIGH SCHOOL CHALLENGE!! 📦🚌 Robots, Cool dun & School Roleplay

My name is Karen Palmer and I’m the storyteller from the future. And I’ve come back to enable people to survive what is to come through the power of storytelling. So I create films that watch you back using artificial intelligence and facial recognition. As they watch my films the… Continue Reading How will AI shape the future of storytelling? | Karen Palmer | Big Think

vqaBot – Advanced video retrieval tool Content sharing platforms like YouTube will eventually start making available similar tools and algorithms. Install with a few mouse clicks K-Lite Codec Pack, VLC and FFmpeg are also installed Start the application Configure the extraction process Clean example data from Repository Simple help system… Continue Reading vqaBot – Retrieve, sort and filter video from large repositories.

MICHAEL POLLAN: So how do these psychedelics work? Well, the honest answer is: We don’t entirely know. But we know a few things. One is, they fit a certain receptor site — the serotonin 52A receptor — and they look a lot like serotonin, if you look at the molecular… Continue Reading How psychedelics work: Fire the conductor, let the orchestra play | #6 of Top 10 2019

[The Neural Correlates of Altered Consciousness:] [From Hypnosis and Meditation to Drug-Based Changes] [Amir Raz, M.D. April 21, 2013] We have about 25 minutes to talk about altered consciousness from my perspective, or a little bit of my perspective. So let me tell you just a little bit in [the]… Continue Reading Neural Correlates of Altered Consciousness: Hypnosis, Meditation, & Drug-Based Changes – Amir Raz