Wow! Look at that kite! It’s superb and it’s flying so high. I swear. That kite is different from the rest. But who’s flying it? I am not able to see. I think someone from that house’s terrace is flying it. But I’ not able to see his face. I… Continue Reading Shiva – Full Episode 113 – The Robot Kite Thieves

This is a very precious robot. It contains the secret information about the country’s enemies. They want to take this from me. Deliver it to the police somehow. Those people want to take it from me. We need to find out what is going on. Where’s the robot? I don’t… Continue Reading Shiva – Full Episode 86 – Robot Dost

– Well gang, looks like I’m about to head out on vacation. You sure you’ll be okay without me? – Oh yeah, we have nothing to worry about now that we’ve defeated Frogoad! – Oh God, that half toad, half frog monstrosity will be haunting my nightmares. – Cool, Well,… Continue Reading Subletting a Giant Robot

(dramatic faced past electric guitar) – Ha ha, you think you can defeat me that easily Ultramechatron! (groans) Well this isn’t the end of King Crab, Ultramechatron. I’ve got one more trick up my shell. Prepare to die (cheering) – Looks like the tide has finally turned on King Crab’s… Continue Reading What’s Beeping in the Giant Robot?

♪♪ This painting reminds me of my childhood. It brings solace to my troubled mind. I love this piece. Heavy is the head that wears the crown. This painting reminds me of Garfield.