When we first board a cruise ship, many passengers hope to have the time of their lives. Passengers are treated with a beautiful view of the ocean and islands that most have not witnessed before. Taking a cruise ship is promoted as a week of paradise where all your accommodations… Continue Reading 10 Cruise Ships That Had Unpleasant Endings

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What happened? Don’t you remember? It’s like… there was this singing. That’s right. I sang a song and the Daleks ran away! I was at home. No, I wasn’t, I was in the Tardis and… there was this light and… I can’t remember anything else. Rose Tyler! I was going… Continue Reading Ninth Doctor Regenerates | Christopher Eccleston to David Tennant | Doctor Who | BBC

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What’s up top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video. We do not learn. I think thats the biggest message i would take away from working at most amazing top 10 if i left anytime soon like humans… Continue Reading Top 10 Scary Robots That Lost Control – Part 4

Today on Declassified, an Epoch Times special; Spygate: Inside the Obama Officials’ Plot to Take Down Trump. We explore how the intelligence community and federal agencies conspired against Donald Trump’s presidency. This story written by Epoch Times contributor Jeff Carlson. Please remember to subscribe and hit the notifications button. Spygate… Continue Reading Spygate PART 1: How Obama Officials Plotted to Take Down Trump [2019]

IT WAS A TYPICAL BUSY DAY AT WORK. Cleaning off boat ramps, doing some mowing with the tractor… THEN, A DISCOVERY. There was a bulge that would come out from time to time that I could pop back in. But it was enough to know there was something going on… Continue Reading Robot Assisted Hernia Repair

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