Hi, I’m Cheo Cheolhan 9d Digging into AI: Star Point Edition. Let’s get started. Today we’ll look at when black approaches after white answers… This pattern where black attaches comes up a lot In the old days when black attached like this white often connected, and it’d turn out like… Continue Reading The most common AI Jeong Seock – AI Master Class 7

Hi, I’m Choi Cheolhan Let’s take a look at some AI moves. Today we’ll look at some variations following the double approach Like this… Double approach, then attach… black comes in then white attaches blocks and connects Then, when black plays the diagonal This variation is *really* difficult! Even among… Continue Reading Diagonal answer is the best? – AI Master Class 6

Hi, I’m Choi Cheolhan Today, again, we’ll try to take a look at some AI moves In today’s lesson, we’ll look at when the star point is approached So far we’ve been investigating into what happens when white pincers When white tenukis… After black plays a double approach, let’s see… Continue Reading Is Double Pincer (4.4 point)Jeong Seok too difficult? – AI Master Class 5

Ian, I made a computer that can think. Hello Didn’t we just have a conversation about not doing that? No…. Yes, you did! Shut up Dell laptop, you weren’t even alive yet. Using the current state of reality as a reference, I can calculate the precise events that led to… Continue Reading DIY AI

System is on.Learning colors mode: ONCannot detect colors. Hi, robot!Hello, Shawn! I was looking for you. I heard you like to paint.Yes, I do. But I don’t know my colors! Can you help me learn colors? Of course! Climb up on my wagon and I’ll teach you different colors. Thank… Continue Reading Help Shawn The Train teach the robot about colors! (Learn Colors!)

*Western-y piano music* This place is so amazing. Everything is so authentic! Right? And you can do whatever you want. There’s no rules, I mean these are just robots. Watch check this you could shoot them. *Gunshot* That’s so cool! So are we like the only real people here? Uhh,… Continue Reading Westworld: I Am Not a Robot

We have some breaking news. The White House has announced on Twitter that Vladimir Putin is coming to the White House in the fall. Say that again… [laughter] Vladamir Putin, coming to… Did I hear you? Okay. That’s going to be special.

The President: Thank you, everybody. Today I am proud to announce the newest members of my national security team. I just met with them in the Oval Office, and I’m very pleased to have two extraordinary Americans — Senators Chuck Hagel and David Boren have agreed to serve as co-chairmen… Continue Reading President Obama Welcomes Senators Hagel and Boren to Intelligence Team