I’m going to be honest, I’m a doubter of the automation apocalypse theories. For one thing we don’t see it in the data, we actually have quite good productivity data, we know if we’re making more things with fewer or the same number of people and while it is true… Continue Reading Automation apocalypse: Too many robots? More like not enough. | Ezra Klein | Big Think

Business operations span a wide variety of rule-based and knowledge-based work. A large chunk of this work can be automated using Robotics Process Automation, or RPA. Automation Anywhere has automated business processes and delivered the world’s largest Digital Workforce in leading organizations across the globe.

hello everyone and welcome to our channel I am Annalisa and today we will work together this very simple scarf this scarf was created for a boy but can also be worn by us girls. this scarf was created for a boy but can also be worn by us girls.… Continue Reading Scaldacollo Unisex – scaldacollo ai ferri – scraf knitted

– Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, fear of automation has been on the rise. In the early-1800s, textile workers in England got spooked by the rise of weeding machines and sparked a rebellion so intense that the military had to be called in to put it down. When… Continue Reading Will Robots Take Our Jobs? | Freethink Wrong

The thing about work is that there’s usually a lot of it. And often, there’s other work that gets in the way — little pieces of process that pile up to keep you from the work you could be doing. That’s why there’s Workflow Builder by Slack. A workflow takes… Continue Reading Workflow Builder: Automate Routine Processes in Slack

in a rapidly changing work world it’s important to be a constant learner to be able to change and evolve your skills. Especially when you’re facing automation of certain types of work so i want you to think about a spectrum of work to get automated on one part of… Continue Reading What skills will set you apart in the age of automation? | David Epstein

What is automation? It’s essentially technology in the workforce. And as this technology enters the workforce — as, essentially, employers hire robots — what is the social impact? In an effort to answer some of these questions, I decided to hit the road across a swath of the Midwest. The… Continue Reading Robot-Proof Jobs with David Brancaccio

(soft music) – Check out this self-driving truck. These are getting pretty good. Waymo is testing autonomous tractor-trailers in Atlanta right now, and this Einride truck, you can see there isn’t any space for a driver. There’s no deployment plans yet, but when these finally make it on to the… Continue Reading Software is eating the world. And it’s only the beginning.

There’s an old Danish proverb That Says it’s Very difficult to make predictions especially about the future But I’m gonna make One right here and that is that self-driving Cars are going to replace Human Drivers in Things Like Ubers taxis Buses Transport Trucks and i think that Change is… Continue Reading Will Robots Take Our Jobs?