>>Yvette Nameth: And up next, we have Brian Gogan, talking about Chromecast testing.>>Brian Gogan: Hi, guys. So after all that talk of delicious dumplings and lunch, I’m sure there’s some post-food coma setting in. I’ll try to keep it fast. My name is Brian Gogan, I’m a software engineer, tools… Continue Reading GTAC 2015: Chromecast Test Automation

>>You’re not going all miss this episode of the AI Show. Where we learn about, automated machine learning, how to build AI with AI and One-Click Deploy to boot. Make sure you tune in. We’ll see you there. [MUSIC].>>Hello. Welcome to this episode of the AI Show. We are going… Continue Reading Simplifying Machine Learning with Automated ML

Once upon a time a little girl was imprisoned inside a cursed castle ruled by a mysterious evil queen. While trying to escape she encountered a robot that decided to help her. Together they faced many challenges that tested the strength of their new found friendship. Welcome to the world… Continue Reading The Girl and the Robot – The Card Game Trailer

Well hello to everyone. Like in the beginning of every video from now on- a little magic trick. Warning: it will be very fast. ANDDD TADAAAAA WOOOOOOHHHH Excellent! Thank you to all. It’s in an even better condition now. YEEESSS song : ~Tomorrow everything will be fine~ Dear friends, deep… Continue Reading J’AI COMPLÈTEMENT CRAQUÉ…

>>So we have a great panel here. This is entitled Building a Impactful STEM Career. I’m trying to talk to a couple of you, find out where you are in the education process. How many of you are in a graduate program right now? For those who aren’t, what’s your… Continue Reading I Chose STEM – Creating impact through STEM careers

So, what do you think? Electrifying! Thank you. I meant the nice car. Well, I tried. Oh, okay. Try harder. Battery is empty. By the way, I’m down here. Of course they forgot me. See ya later dude. We forgot to connect the charging cable to the car. We? You!… Continue Reading Charging robot: automated charging of electric vehicles at home

Lio: Hi Stephanie, Lio: Can I offer you something to drink? Stephanie: With pleasure, Lio. Thank you! Lio: It is important to drink enough water Stephanie: Thank you, Lio Lio: You are welcome Stephanie: Lio, now you can help me to cover the blanket Stephanie: Good night, Lio

I signed a ridiculous contract It means a pure vehement love will come to you Someone can love me,huh ? If my brother-in-law is Korean.. It might not be related to that What the matter with you ? Because I am not understand what’s happening .. Song ? There is… Continue Reading [AI SẼ LÀ GIA ĐÌNH TƯƠNG LAI CỦA TÔI?] Tập 2 – Hariwon, Parkjungmin, Shinwonho

I start to live with Korean boy Not one but two Easy to say yes I’m such a mad girl “Con dien”? (means mad girl in Vietnamese) What does this mean? Good morning. “Con dien” means good morning. Leader. Con dien! Ah, good morning right? Con dien “Con dien” means… Continue Reading Ai sẽ là gia đình tương lai của tôi? [Ep3] – Hariwon, Parkjungmin, Shinwonho

♪ My dear, how do I love? ♪ ♪ Want to break through this barrier ♪ ♪ How can I change my programming? ♪ ♪ Unintentional hurt ♪ ♪ Listening to my instructions ♪ ♪ I can delete these memories and start anew ♪ ♪ Waiting ♪ ♪ But I… Continue Reading ENG SUB《我的机器人男友 My Robot Boyfriend》EP41——主演:姜潮,毛晓彤,孟子荻