(intense music) – Hey guys, we’re gonna talk a little bit about Zapier in this video and what Zapier is, is Zapier at its core is just a way to connect two softwares, okay? So you’re running, you know, you’re running your own business, your own digital marketing business or… Continue Reading A COMPLETE GUIDE TO USING ZAPIER – Beginner’s Edition

hello everyone this is Mubashar Saeed and today I am talking about your whatsapp privacy which is one of the biggest sources that produce confusion among people and eventually lead to disasters stay tuned you know if you’re keeping your whatsapp private and nobody knows if you are seeing a… Continue Reading Why your Last Seens and Blue Ticks should be turned off | MUBASHAR SAEED

Hi, guys what’s going on? Faysal here from binaryoptionsdoctor.com. Today we are going to do a quick analysis about Crypto Robot 365. Crypto Robot 365 claims that you can earn up to $465/per day. The minimum investment is $250 Dollars. That is really achievable. You see they are claiming that… Continue Reading Crypto Robot 365 SCAM – Analytical Review Warning!

Today, we are going to have a close look at a cellular automaton. This is an episode divided between computer science, mathematics, and physics where I will present a little-known cellular automaton with remarkable properties. Be patient, and we will build this automaton step by step and review some physical… Continue Reading Automate Cellulaire – Passe-science #23

Hi, it’s Dom from xlmachine Today I’m going to show you how to do machine learning in Excel with our new xlmachine add-in It’s as easy as clicking a few buttons in Excel without coding or manual tuning required This video is a preview We expect to be able to… Continue Reading [Demo] Machine Learning in Excel with xlmachine Excel Add-In

This is the CamJam Edukit #3, a super-cheap, build-your-own robotics kit. It is the basis of the new robot series I’m creating meant for adults and kids alike who want an easy introduction to professional robotics without needing to shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars. In fact, all… Continue Reading Your first robot, part 1: A beginner’s guide to ROS and Ubuntu Core

Have you ever wondered how Google Maps predict traffic so accurately, or your favorite shopping site Amazon recommends you product, or even how self-driving cars work. If yes, you have landed just at the right place for the day. Hey guys, welcome everyone to today’s session by Intellipaat. In today’s… Continue Reading Machine Learning and Its Applications | Intellipaat

Eng SUB work that is enough Princess, do you feel tired? Do not disturb I’m practicing, can you play alone But I’ve been waiting for you for so long Take this one Why do you have this ? This is your favorite dish! So I will continue to practice let’s… Continue Reading Tiểu Hoa 3 : Ông lão bí ẩn này là ai. Tập 7 Mini World

Machine learning is used in almost every aspect of a technological life. You found this video because of a machine learning algorithm that Recommended it to you. Learning about it will help you Learn how machines learn but more importantly it’s actually an interesting topic. In this video I’ll be… Continue Reading Quick 12 minute introduction to Machine Learning (with code)!

Nick Sciple: So, you’ve got an extra hundred dollars laying around. You’ve built up an emergency fund and can provide for all your basic needs today. So now, it’s time to invest for the future. While very few people are going to retire off a $100 investment, investing is a… Continue Reading How to Invest 100 Dollars!