Welcome to Snov.io. Whether you’re a sales rep, a marketing specialist, a recruiter or a small business owner, Snov.io can help you find, verify, contact and convert leads faster. You can accomplish so much with our toolbox of business essentials: Create a consistent inflow of leads to fill up your… Continue Reading What Is Snov.io: Features Overview

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Marketing realms are constantly expanding, and as a marketer, you’ve always got your plate full. From generating leads, to analysing ROI, the tasks are numerous. Introducing Zoho MarketingHub, the all-in-one marketing automation tool built to make your job a lot easier. You can now get new leads from multiple sources,… Continue Reading Overview of Zoho MarketingHub, the all-in-one marketing automation software

Is trading your second nature? Your time is too precious for staring at your open trades. Meet CYBO, your personal investment consultant. Developed by market experts, CYBO is an AI, set to help you maximize your trading gains. Even while you sleep. In trading, as soon as you get emotional… Continue Reading NAGA | CYBO – AI-POWERED ROBO-ADVISOR FOR TRADERS

Automation is at the core of Xledger’s solution. We automate more processes than any other ERP solution. But what exactly does that mean? Meet Sarah. Sarah is a CPA who spends too much of her time on data entry and basic accounting functions. With Xledger cloud ERP, Sarah can automate… Continue Reading Cloud ERP automation Xledger

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Our industry leading RPA Platform just got even better with the 2019 Long Term Support Release. Dozens of new products and AI capabilities make it easier than ever to automate the processes that power your business. Let’s start with planning. Let the AI powered Explorer find the right opportunities for… Continue Reading UiPath 2019 Long Term Support Release — Power your digital transformation with automation and AI.

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