first of all I think it’s good we are talking about it as humanity the way we solve things is by getting concerned about them so if you take climate change as a framework we all started getting worried about it and that’s why we have spent a lot of… Continue Reading Artificial Intelligence | Sundar Pichai Interview | Sundar Pichai on AI | Intellipaat

(light music) (applause) I’m here to talk to you about some of the lessons I learned at CIA over my 32-year career there that saved my butt from really some embarrassing mistakes, although, I nevertheless made embarrassing mistakes while I was at CIA and I’ve entitled my talk, Survival Heuristics.… Continue Reading Survival Heuristics: My Favorite Techniques for Avoiding Intelligence Traps – SANS CTI Summit 2018

Hi, I’m Abhishek, I’m Alex, and I’m Joe We’re building a super-resolution application to improve the quality of video on a user’s laptop or mobile. The idea is that a light-weight neural network will sit on your local device and improve the resolution of low quality, compressed video that is… Continue Reading AI Grant 2017 – Video Super Resolution

Google has launched Gradient Ventures, a new venture fund with technical mentorship for early-stage startups focused on artificial intelligence. Through Gradient, Google will provide portfolio companies with capital, resources, and dedicated access to experts and bootcamps in AI. And, Google will take a minority stake in the startups . The… Continue Reading Google’s Gradient ventures will provide Funds and Mentorship to AI startups | QPT

Walmart has started using shelf-scanning robots to handle tasks that are repeatable, predictable and manual, like scanning shelves for out-of-stock items, incorrect prices and wrong or missing labels. This new shelf-scanning technology frees up time for walmart associates. Walmart has tested this technology in a small number of stores in… Continue Reading Walmart tests Shelf-Scanning Robots

MIT researchers have developed Artificial “muscles” which can lift 650 times their own weight, and might be used to control robotic or prosthetic limbs. The MIT researchers were able to produce contracting fibers by imitating the coiling-and-pulling mechanism of plants like cucumber. While many different approaches have been used for… Continue Reading MIT’s fiber-based artificial muscles can lift 650 times their own weight

Blood vessels are vital parts of the body’s circulatory system that supply the organs with nutrients and remove waste. Scientists have developed artificial tissue from the heart, liver and lungs, but creating a synthetic network of blood vessels to support these organs has been a challenge. Now, the researchers have… Continue Reading 3D-printing for making artificial Blood vessels

By now everybody knows that artificial intelligence has the potential to change the world around us in profound ways. We’ve already started exploring the various business applications of artificial intelligence. What we’ve not done as much of is really explore the societal aspects of artificial intelligence, the leadership aspects of… Continue Reading Artificial Intelligence: boom or doom?

– Hi, good afternoon everybody and welcome back. So, we’re going to talk a little bit about the evolution of retail and how we’re powering some of that revolution with awesome data. So with me today, I have Russell Scherwin from IBM and he actually runs some of the Watson… Continue Reading NRF 2018: Fireside Chat with IBM’s Russell Scherwin