Welcome Everyone to EDUREKA You-tube channel. Your one stop solution for learning the most trending technologies. My name is SAURABH, and today I will be discussing the 10 most trending technologies, that everyone is talking about and will acquire a huge market in 2018. So u can make this as… Continue Reading Top 10 Technologies To Learn In 2018 | Trending Technologies 2018 | @edureka!

So, what do you think? Electrifying! Thank you. I meant the nice car. Well, I tried. Oh, okay. Try harder. Battery is empty. By the way, I’m down here. Of course they forgot me. See ya later dude. We forgot to connect the charging cable to the car. We? You!… Continue Reading Charging robot: automated charging of electric vehicles at home

It’s time for Make Space Boring for mmm Thursday, Thursday, December 5th. Where is the year going? This is Jason Kanigan from Cold Star Tech: who am I meeting and what am I learning in the space field? What am I studying? Well, let’s see. Folks who have booked to… Continue Reading Make Space Boring S01E13 – Nino Marcantonio, Richard Ward, Data Science

It feels amazing to have like the first time ever English-speaking conference. I think that that’s a massive improvement that we can actually as an international community go to Belarus and actually communicate with the developers here. I think it’s it’s great to expand the community that kind. I think… Continue Reading A 100 second recap of CSS-Minsk-JS 2018 Conference

Hello Let me just let people know we are live stream. Oh We got a post on Twitter, too You just put this on Twitter Happy YouTube live. This is happy you could live. I’m gonna be happy to that Hello I Don’t want to distract these guys too much… Continue Reading comma ai | George Hotz | openpilot 0.6 is launched, happy livestream! | youtube.com/commaai

Hi guys, this is Tim Queen. And today we’re going to talk about B2B marketing on LinkedIn using LinkedIn automation tools. Does it still work in 2020 or should you run and hide in the corner? Now, I received this message the other day and I want to read you… Continue Reading Should You Do LinkedIn Automation to Grow Your Business in 2020? | Tim Queen

Did you know there are different kinds of plastic? And that much of what you dispose into your recycling bin gets shipped around the world? What if you could sort it at home? What if you could sort items before disposing them? And that’s what we did! We selected a… Continue Reading A solution to the plastic crisis – How machine learning can help to sort plastic