Liam: Hey, I’ve got a letter. Brad: Where’s mine? Liam: Oh, you didn’t actually get one. There was only one, and it just says, “To Liam,” and it’s got like a little love heart on it. So… This one’s from “Cookin’ with Jess,” and she asks, “What is space?” Now,… Continue Reading Fan Mail? No! A question for our EXPERT! YouTube Space Lab with Liam and Brad

Oh God, I just started a fire! Quick! Let’s scream right next to it unstoppably until the firefighter shows up! Wait what? The house doesn’t have any chairs nor dining tables? Well then toilet it is! OH NO LOOK OUT OLD LADY A CAR!! Uhh nevermind So your dad’s soul… Continue Reading The Sims Logic (Ep.1): Sims 3

Hi, this is Stylianos from the Tesseract Academy. In this video, we’re going to be talking about interpretable machine learning. So, interpretable machine learning is a very exciting topic. Machine learning models traditionally have been black boxes. They deliver results, but we can’t really explain how they do what they… Continue Reading Interpretable machine learning (part 1): Peeking into the black box

My name Hoda Eldardiry and my research area is machine learning and data mining and I work at Palo Alto Research Center, a Xerox company. PARC is a research lab in open innovation. PARC has an amazing history since the 1970s. Some of the technologies were born here include the… Continue Reading Hoda Eldardiry predictive analytics, machine learning, data mining at PARC

I love the product and I’ve been working with it since started. We have a very strong software team that develops it everyday, and what they do is amazing. The reason that it is amazing is that they work so closely with the client to develop it. Every time the… Continue Reading VentSim CONTROL Software | Howden Expert Talks | Hugo Dello Sbarba

Oh wow after so much practice, I can play the piano wonderfully! Now I can also paint the Mona Lisa itself even though I have never painted before! Yeah let’s mop the grass while raining because why the hell not! Oh, so you’re thinking of the perfect time and place… Continue Reading The Sims Logic (Ep.5): Sims 2

okay so what we’re going to do right now is create a connection request off of the platform of you space so this is like connecting with someone you know who is not on you space we’re going to use a dummy email address so that now sends that email… Continue Reading Library Tutorial 01: Connect w. someone off USpace, create account/setup profile, one to one message

I’m sure you all agree that machine learning is one of the hottest Trend in today’s market right Gartner predicts that by 2022 there would be at least 40% of new application development project going on in the market that would be requiring machine learning co-developers on their team. It’s… Continue Reading Machine Learning Full Course – Learn Machine Learning 10 Hours | Machine Learning Tutorial | Edureka