I’m Luke Taylor; I’m 15 years-old and I’m passionate science and especially robots. I love spending time outdoors riding my bike, swimming,
playing sports and hanging out with my friends. Being outside inspires me, to look at things and see how they have evolved. I see things and want to make them better. It makes
me ask questions, for example, there are so many water shortages and yet we are completely surrounded by it, surely there must My love for science and robots started at a really young age. I’ve always been curious, I was the sort of kid who loved pushing
buttons because I wanted to know what would happen. Then I started watching science fiction movies like Star Wars and Iron Man a For me, science is exciting because it’s about pushing
the world forward for the benefit of humankind. My friend Tembela was given a robotics kit for christmas and he was telling me how he loved building robots but struggled
with the programming and that gave me an idea for a project…. how can I talk to robots in English? The biggest challenge I faced was that robots are actually a bit stupid, they don’t understand context
or body language so the instructions you give them have to be really clear and exact. The project was a success… I now have a robot that understands over one hundred commands
in English and my friend Tembela can now speak to his robots. That’s pretty epic. Asking questions is important, we all need to ask questions. The world around us
has to change and only by asking questions will we find solutions.

18 thoughts on “Talking to robots in English | Luke Taylor”

  1. ur ideas are the best.i like robots too and nxt but heres an idea i have for you.you proboly wont try but photo recognition and it can respond to your commands.im nine years old and i want to see if people can make things better

  2. congratulations for atleast recieving some of the dumbest comments on a youtube video to date.
    Excellent job dude,very inspirational.

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