>>Hi, I’m David Baumert, and I’m a member of the Microsoft Strategic
Prototyping team. We’re in part of the API
and Research Division. Today, we brought some
receptionist assistant robots. We plan to deploy these
later on in building 99 to help receptionists be
able to stay at their post, yet still do more
within the building, and then also be able to interact with
a wider range of people. This particular robot is going to help us retrieve items
from inside the building, and then deliver them to people. It’s using a combination
of local processing, and cloud processing to do image recognition
and motion planning. The result here, is that
very different from an industrial setting where
everything is repeated. This robot is able to figure out the situation at the time, and is actually able to retrieve the beverage from the inside of the refrigerator. So over here, there’s a bit
of review of what’s going on. Part of the process
for figuring out how to move is to
run simulations. When a simulation is found that actually works
as a solution here, then that data is provided to the robot that commands
the joints into the specific sequences needed to actually grab the beverage. So, one thing we can see
here as we’re waiting, some of the computing costs of these various tasks can effect the quality of
this scenario in different ways. So, what we’re very
interested to know is, what makes sense to run
here locally and what makes sense to actually
ship up to the cloud? So, if those kinds
of optimizations of where the code is
actually running, potentially can speed
up this scenario. But as you can see it’s able to effectively
get the task completed. So, we think this is one step along a story that’s going to continue about
a beautiful relationship between humans and robots.

5 thoughts on “Tech Showcase: Receptionist Assistant Robot – Strategic Prototyping Team”

  1. I presume (though I may be mistaken) that the Robot checked if the can is unopen otherwise tilting the can in the manner that it did as it retrieved it from the fridge would have been problematic if the can was already open. Nevertheless, an amazing demonstration!

  2. LOL, I seen better projects from High School students :-D. The refrigerator was already open? That means this robot cannot open closed doors or it takes another 10 minutes befor video starts? Anotherway 3 and half minutes for only taking a beverage is really loooong time. It will be faster to go into another hotel for a beverage…

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