Hi it’s Paul with this week’s Winning
Investor Daily. This week I’m going to tell you about a secret stealth bull
market that no one is telling you about. Now the great thing about investing in these secret stealth bull markets and getting
in early is that it really gives you a chance to make really big money – BIG
money – because you’re getting in early. I’ll tell you why that’s
important, and the kind of money I’m talking about is hundreds of percent, and
if you stayed long enough with this investment, it could even be thousands of percent and if you think about it in terms of money, these are the kinds of investments that could take $1,000 and make it $10,000. $10,000 and make it $100,000 $100,000 and even make it $1 million. So let’s end the suspense and let’s talk about it. So
what’s this secret stealth bull market? Well it’s something that I bet you’re
not thinking about and unfortunately not considering because it’s the Japanese
stock market – yes, the Japanese stock market Yeah, it’s that same stock market that, if you go and look it up you’ll see it’s
largely gone nowhere for nearly 30 years. So let’s go back a step and do a little
back story, which is that the Japanese stock market experienced this massive
bubble that ended in 1990, and you can see from this chart that it went up into
1990 and since then it’s done this: it’s gone up and down and it bottomed out
finally in about 2009 and it’s then continued to go up in a very wavy fashion. It’s it’s not something that anybody would really want to invest in. So as I put it, it’s been a roller coaster torture test. I think that
if you actually were in it, that’s how it would feel. And that’s because every time
the market seemed like it was getting going there was something that happened. For example in 2011 there was the nuclear reactor accident that crashed
stocks again in Japan and this happened again and again as you can see on the price chart of the Nikkei index which is Japan’s equivalent of the Dow Jones
Industrial Average and it’s their main index that it’s known by. So the natural
question that you would be asking is, “Well Paul, what’s different now? Why
should I invest in Japan today?” And why does it give you an incredibly great
chance to make big money? The kind of money that I was telling you about
earlier. Well, I’ve got three reasons for you. First, Japanese stocks are dirt cheap – dirt, dirt cheap – it’s really like being
like an investor in the United States after the Great Depression. That’s what
Japanese stocks are valued like. And this is taken from some incredible research that’s been done by my colleague Ian Dyer, who runs The Ten Million Dollar
Portfolio service alongside with me, and he came up with this. In Japan, there are 2,959 companies that you can buy on the
Japanese exchanges. and of these, 38% – just 38% – are valued greater than $500 million. I can tell you that that is just insane when you consider that Japan is the world’s third largest economy – third largest
economy still in the world and so many companies trade below this
fairly small number. And just for comparison, Ian went and
checked in the United States – 58% of companies in the United States have a
stock market value or market capitalization of $500 million or more.
That’s a 20% difference which is absolutely staggering when you think about it. Now, some people will be like, “Well Paul, you know it must be
because, you know these companies are worthless, there’s nothing there.” Now I
can tell you that our research, which we’ve done because we’ve put a lot of
Japanese companies into The Ten Million Dollar Portfolio service, this is not
true – these same companies that trade on these Japanese exchanges are leaders in
the fields of robotics, automation, haptics, and sensing technology, and
generally electronics and more. In other words, when you go look at it, and compare it, these companies are incredibly valuable. They have incredibly valuable
technology, that is being used all over the world and it’s something that I and
my team are really aware of because of all the research that we have done in
the mega trends of Internet of Things artificial intelligence, blockchain,
precision medicine, and even new energy. So the other objection that other people
would have they say, “Well Paul, you know Japan has a reputation for being a
terrible place for shareholders.” Well, that was true a long time
ago, however it’s no longer true. Today, Japanese companies are very aware of
shareholders and aware of the fact that they need to provide a benefit to the
shareholder, and so they are now – they all have very high standards for how they
treat their shareholders. And the way that you can see that is from this chart
which measures return on equity, and compares it to a global index and you
can see that Japan has nearly caught up to all the other markets. And some of you
will be thinking “Well Paul, while it’s still below it.” However, just remember what I
said earlier Japanese companies are insanely cheap. So for you to be able to
get that kind of return on equity for these prices is a complete and utter
bargain so the bottom line to this is that if you are looking for valuable
technology companies that are really dominant leading companies, Japan is the market where you want to go find it and where you can buy it. Now, the third
reason is probably the least known reason and I would tell you is the
reason why you should get into Japan today, and that reason is scarcity and
those of you who have been following Profits Unlimited, and me, for a while you
know that in going upness, scarcity, or as I call it scarce ability, is a critical
factor in my system of going upness. And here’s why this comes into play in Japan. You see, the Bank of Japan has been secretly buying Japanese stocks using exchange-traded funds or ETFs and when Ian went to research various
Japanese stocks for The Ten Million Dollar Portfolio service he found that
they’ve purchased $191 billion worth of Japanese stock. Just think about that – $191 billion worth of Japanese stock and these represent 75%
of the total ETF supply of all the ETFs trading in Japan. I can tell you that
this is a huge, massive deal – huge. In other words, they have sucked up all of
the excess supply of Japanese stocks using the ETF market. And here’s why this
is important, and really pay attention, this is important. You see, I know from
having been on Wall Street for a long time that the big money investors – the
institution’s hedge funds, pension funds – the big money investors, they are very
under invested in Japan because of its history and
because if it’s big up-and-down moves it’s just been a very rough place to
invest. However sooner rather than later
I believe that they are going to come in to buy into the Japanese market and when
they do they are going to come with their billions and billions of dollars,
and what they are going to find is that Japanese stocks are scarce and to meet
their demand there is gonna be no stock in the market which means they are going
to be forced to bid it up and they are going to send Japanese stocks soaring
higher which means that if you buy in before this demand comes in, it will mean
massive incredible gains for you. And shortly I’ll tell you how you can get in,
but just understand Japanese stocks now have all the three critical things
that I always look for – they’re scarce, they’re valuable, and they’re soon to be
in demand, and that is the magic formula for big massive gains in my experience.
So the way to get in on this trade is to buy an ETF that trades in the United
States – it’s the Japan iShares ETF which trades
under the ticker symbol EWJ so once again that’s the Japan iShares ETF that
trades under the ticker EWJ. Now if you’re the type of person that wants
bigger, the biggest gains that you can find, the real rock star superstar
investments in Japan, you’ll need to buy individual stocks and I told you many of
the fields in which Japanese companies really lead technologically – robotics for
example – they’re a big leader there, now these are stocks that I believe could go
up tenfold or more over any number of years and if you’re the type of investor
that wants these types of stocks you should check into The Ten Million Dollar
Portfolio service that Ian Dyer and I run at
Banyan Hill, which is our publisher and also check into the Profits Unlimited
service where we have a couple of Japanese stocks and where we’ll be
looking to put more Japanese stocks into the portfolio to benefit from all the
things that I’ve been telling you about. So that’s my idea for you this week – buy
Japan using the Japan iShares ETF, which has the ticker symbol EWJ and if you
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for this week, until next time this is Paul saying goodbye.

4 thoughts on “The 1 Secret Bull Market No One’s Talking About – Paul Mampilly”

  1. I got into EWJ soon after it was created, and after an initial sweetheart rally it didn't do anything for many years. I finally gave up and sold it for the same profit I could have had after just one year. I may have to take a look at it again.

  2. Paul you are the most honest person I have found. You always gives the public real info and don’t send us on some wild goose chase. I’m so happy I found you and my only wish is that it was much sooner. I have made money it the short time I been involved with your company. That says a lot about the real information you provide. We don’t have to wait months or years in many of your calls. Thanks so much.

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