“Now we will wait another 8 months for Part
fi-.” Nnnope, 5 months this time. HA! IN YO FACE! 5 months?! Nah man, you didn’t even upload another
part for like a decad- SHUSH! No. I don’t need to hear that goddamn joke anymore,
thank you. Hello guys this is onlyabidoang and first
of all, happy new year 2020 to all of you guys. I hope you’ll have an amazing year this
time around. Second, I just want to apologize because in
my previous video, which is Sims logic episode 15, I said this. “And I’m also planning to upload another
sims logic episode before this year ends so stay tuned!” And clearly, I broke the promise. That’s because apparently, I suddenly had
to retake a practical exam at 31st of December so I need to prepare for it. Can you believe that? Yeah, I really apologize for that. Anyway, today I’m gonna be doing another
sims comments logic just for you guys. If you’re not well-aware about what this
whole series is about, I’ll pick several comments from the previous part of the series
and then recreate the comments in the game. If you want your comment to be picked for
the next part, be sure to comment any crazy questions regarding the sims or silly, weird,
or interesting stories in The Sims on this video only because I won’t include comments
outside of this video. And please don’t make the comment to be
too long so I can make room for other comments. Now with that already covered, let’s take
a look on the comments! • “Once, my sim died because she woohoo’d
herself to death as an elder. The first thing she did as a ghost was woohooing
with the grim reaper.” Wow I guess “till death do us part” has
a whole different meaning now. • “I drowned a sim just to talk about
grilled cheese with the Grim Reaper. #Relatable.” That’s what I call a wonderful dedication. • “My sim twerked over her dead husband
and then she died.” • One time I made a pet ball really big
in the Sims 4 to look like a beanbag chair but then a stray cat started playing with
it and its head got stuck. I laughed so hard! • I said UwU and onlyabidoang slapped and
THING. • “Dying sim? Bang it with a hammer! Oh no, you just killed it.” Well duh! Who in their right mind would bang any problem
with a hammer to solve everyt-?! Oh, right, that person is me. • What happens if you turn the grim reaper
to a baby?” Good question. Well then let’s try it out by editing this
grim reaper in The Sims 3 in Create-a-sim. Okay now I’m going to change him to toddler
and of course he will have his usual pitch-black skin. Now that I’m done doing a small makeover
for him, let’s apply this change. Oh my, uhh I don’t know about you but this
guy is way scarier than the adult grim reaper. Maybe he should take his place instead. • My cousin’s sim used the toilet while
there was a dead body in front of it. • “My Sim became a mermaid, and got married
with a dolphin, woohooed it, and gave birth to a blue child who sounded like a dolphin.” • “What will happen if you make two dwarves
woohoo?” If you mean dwarves like these, well then
let’s find out. Okay you two now go to the bed. Oh man look at them waddling. Okay now start woohooing. Well, there’s that. • In the Sims 4, I turned my Sim into a
mermaid and her mermaid form had no face. • I have been in the park and hitting people
with a baseball bat so the Police came to have a party! • “Once my Sim wanted to pick up his toddler
son. But my Sim was backwards and it glitched and
it made my Sim’s arms stretched to the back.” • “What if a cat did a T-Pose?” Yep. This is the definite answer for your grotesque
question. • “In Sims 3 my teenager was grounded
and snuck out of the house. For the rest of her life she snuck everywhere. Even her ghost would sneak around instead
of float!” That’s what I call a dedication even after
death. • “In The Sims 2 I had a married couple
go on vacation. The wife decided to go find Bigfoot and when
she did, she started an affair with him and had his child.” • “Make Emily actually not disappointing.” • “Want Onlyabidoang to upload videos
a bit faster?” Oh please I’ve already talked about this
before. Since I’m a medical student, I’m always
gonna be busy from time to time so I’ll usually upload more on the semester brea-. Oh no, not this joke again. Please, I beg for mercy. “BANG HIM WITH A HAMM-“ No! AAAAHHH! • My sim tried to go through one of the
portals of the Temple and set himself on fire. I looked for his friend to save him but he
had left the Temple to sleep in the Tent. What a friendship! • “My sim was hungry, so I made him cook
something and he threw the cat in the oven.” • In The Sims 4, my Sims pet cat did pole
dancing once. Haha what? That sounds funny as he- OH MY GOD WHAT THE
HECK IS THAT • “My sims family of 8 stood in the same
bed and danced. That was the weirdest thing ever.” Weird? Not gonna lie but I’d join them in an instant
even! • “The grim reaper played a game on his
tablet before reaping my matriarch and her daughter walked past and went to work without
skipping a beat.” • Alright this comment is in Indonesian. Since I’m also Indonesian, I’m gonna stay
true to the comment’s language. Meanwhile, you can read the English subtitle
below. “Sims aku minta anak ke sumur ajaib terus
aku malah dikasih anak setan. Aku coba minta anak lagi ke sumur eh simsku
dibuat jadi mandul sementara.” Wah boleh juga tu mbak program kb nya. • “I have a violence mod and I kill this
lady who own a food stall. After I killed her, she goes back to life
and goes back to the food stall.” That’s what real work ethic means. • “What does the monster under the bed
look like in The Sims 4?” You know what, I’m curious about this too. Let’s elevate the bed with cheat so we know
what’s under it. What the- DAMMIT EMILY I THOUGHT I ALREADY
DELETED YOU OUT OF EXISTENCE. • I once challenged a chess opponent for
the next rank chess match and when they lost, they died of old age. • “One time I was so lucky, My sims ate
at the same table!! HOW?” Wow, that’s like the most impossible thing
in the game! It’s so impossible I had to badly edit it. Did you hack the game to make that actually
happen? • “In The Sims 4 I put my family in a
house but then my mom got teleported on a bed and couldn’t get down so I had to restart
the game. What a weird glitch.” • “What happens if two Sims are woohooing
and one becomes a Toddler?” Okay let’s try this out once more. Edit this woman, turn her to toddler in Create
a sim and apply change. Alright I get it now, the toddler gets stretchy
as usual. Hope this answered your question. Okay no- Wait, what’s that sound? THIS IS THE POLICE; WE’VE DETECTED YOUR
BEFORE WE USE FORCE. What? The cops? No man please, I was just answering some random
guy’s comment. Noooo! Thank you, guys, so much for watching part
5 of sims comments logic. If you enjoy it and haven’t subscribed yet,
well be sure to subscribe now of course. Thank you again and now I’m gonna have to
wait for my 10-year sentence to be over before I can make another comments logic video. See you later.

100 thoughts on “The Sims Comments Logic (PART 5)”

  1. Sims4:My romantic sims invited his colleague to our house. Automatically risky woohoo her in the closet in front of his wife.Had a beautiful boy few days later.

  2. My sim grew up to love nature but then when she became a teen, she fed them to the cow plant and became a physco

  3. Once my sim gave birth to her child, but when I looked in the family tree, she tried for baby with her dog so I had to restart the game then it came back to normal

  4. So my sim killed another sim whith the violence mod

    Then started crying at the dead body?

    Like why you can just BaNg HiM wItH A hAmEr

  5. I was just playing the sims 4 in first person, and when I told my sim to comb his husky his arms stretched across the bathroom to comb him.

  6. I was expecting the monster under the bed to be like the stretched cat or the hot demon child from the first episode but of course it's Emily

  7. So I decided to put my sims in a sitting loop, by having them both have chairs as heads, and getting them to sit on each other…they blasted off again.

  8. Want to graduate in university with a fine arts deegre? Then just play the guitar or paint all day and i am sure that you will pass your exams even though you haven't opened a single book

  9. Aku pernah cheat sims ku supaya seneng. Habis itu, istrinya melahirkan, karna dia terlalu seneng, dia mati tertawa:"(
    Istrinya langsung jadi janda pas habis melahirkan.😤😤😤😤😤

  10. In Sims 3, my family was in the future. The baby was crying because she was hungry but no one would feed her because the crying was annoying. The kid and baby got taken away. The parents suddenly cared about the baby and got sad.

  11. One time my sim had just had a baby, it was crying so her husband picked up the baby but it glitches and got stuck T-posing on his hand, he continued to live life like normal while a baby stood on his hand. He made a salad (while slicing up the baby) and went and played guitar. The baby’s face smacked against the strings….

  12. Once in The Sims 2 I had set a shower in a small bathroom in which there was only once square of space between the shower door and the wall. My sim took a shower and when they got out they started flailing their arms and legs as if the floor was wet and they were trying not to fall. Then suddenly they died. I still have no idea why that happened.

  13. So I played with this family with parents and one kid. I made parents go tried for a baby, locked the kid in her room, and made her experiment on this science table. She started a fire and would have died if i didn't use a cheat to teleport her outside. Her parents also run away and they all were standing outside in the storm. And that's when father got struck by the lightning.
    PS The mother wasn't even pregnant.

  14. I found out you can ask the Grim Reaper to be your roommate, and when I had my sim ask him, he accepted. Now, the Grim Reaper is my roommate in the Sims 4.
    Honestly, it seems like a reality show.

  15. One time, this couple came into my sim's home and woohooed on her bed. After that, the guy had a heart attack and died. Everyone in the neighborhood started coming into my house to see what was happening and mourn the couple.

  16. My sim adopted a baby in the sims 4, she put it in he crib and it disappeared, it was still crying, but I couldn’t find it.then when we moved she as in the whole baby was in my build mode inventory

  17. What if the grim reaper woohoo with alien then their child woohoo with mermaid? What would their child look like?

  18. Once a sim came to my house and kidnapped one of my toddlers and then the next time I saw her she was killing the sim that I replaced her with

  19. I had the extreme violence mod installed and my sim summoned the sad clown (from the painting)
    My sim tried to kill them, over and over again
    The clown survived every time, they just looked bloody and sad

    Now I get why clowns are terrifying

  20. My sim is having a Berth day party then the dog die an evening went crazy
    that the kids shot the dog,s did boty

  21. (TS4) so, my sims time was up, so she died in peace by old age, and then as usual the grim reaper came and read a book, woohooed with her sister and left without taking her body! what a user!

  22. My sim was about finish her meal then stood up grabbed a book and placed it on a table sat down and scooped out a part of the book and with magic the food from the bowl vanished like wtf (TS4)

  23. In Sims3, I had an average or a bit ugly sim and I took her to the hospital to have a plastic surgery, and she became really pretty. Then I used the clone voucher to make a child aged clone of her, who was listed in the relationships as her daughter. I wondered if she makes a biological child with her husband, how similar her two daughters will become. The clone grew up to be really pretty, like her mother after the surgery, and the biological daughter became really ugly, she was much uglier than her mother was before the surgery.

  24. TS3: I got a sim pregnant so she wouldn't starve to death, then killed all my neighbors in a pool party to buy a pizza when the baby was born.

  25. One time in The Sims 4 my sim went into her basement and found six vampire dudesthen had a big fight over who could drink her blood


  27. Idea once my sim was working came home to see a child on my couch and a man with his wife and woohoo in my bed

  28. My sim danced on the counter in a thong while her husband cheered. Their toddler was in the next room. (Ts4)

  29. Befor my Sim went to University, he reached Level 8 of Logic Skill. He was absolutely intellegent and I wanted him to become a doctor. Btw, he wasn't sporty at all. So I wanted to take biologic in University, but instead of the Logic Skill he needed fitness!!
    Why should you need muscles if you wanna become a doctor?!
    It was really disappointing…

  30. One time my sim passed out while holding her toddler. (and it glitched out badly!)true story!😂😂😂

  31. My sims daughter, in the sims 4, woke up scared of the monster under her bed. She went to her mother to ask her to spray the monster, the daughter went back to her room, the mother went to her teen sons room, who was sleeping, and sprayed underneath that bed.

  32. once, in sims 4, while making a house for my sim (she was the 3rd generation, so i had played that save for a while) i threw in a murphy bed from tiny living and wanted her to open it so i could see the different colors. she went over to it, tried to open it, and it immediately killed her, first try. i exited without saving so she was fine but i was so mad

  33. This one time my neighbor came over to my house angry and then stomped his way to my bathroom until he was embarrassed by one of my sims in the bathroom using the toilet. P.S. He was trying to calm himself in front of the mirror.

  34. My sims family went to a restaurant the mom wouldn't sit down so I gave the food to the toddler cause he throwed his food on the floor then she got angry and sat on the toddler

  35. In sims1 , My 5 star celebrity sim gets an film award at home, Every ghost sim stop scaring life sim and start clapping celebrating him together

  36. In the sims 2 while my other sims is gone
    My pets cat jump into the car and invisble ghost open it for him

  37. Once my vampire girl has bitten a random guy. After a few days she visited this guy and suddenly he turned into a vampire, the secret society appeared and the grandpa of the guy started a fire…

  38. Two in one

    My toddler aged up for no reason and it was not his birthday but while that was happening my mother sim died in the ocean when she was supposed to be at work.

  39. One time in the Sims 3 I took my eyes off my dog for one second and he was stuck in between the wall on the second floor and same with my daughter.

  40. In Sims 3, my sims flirted next to their newborn son. And got divorced. Right in front of him. (After that, I was ashamed to enter the game)

  41. At sims 4 My sim kill any sim and dancing of him .
    Later ghost that sim dancing behind my sim

  42. My sim sat down with some grilled cheese, but a fire started so she.:

    1. Ran away
    3.sat down and ate the grilled cheese calmly

    You bet ya! She sat down and ate that grilled cheese!


    Logic question: What if sims will but you change both of them into a different age.

  44. so my sim was to lazy to go to the fridge and grabbed that food from far away and then she was walking to the fridge and then was going to the table i hate when that happens

    edit: now she called someone and poof! her phone was invisible

    why is this happening to me??

  45. Random news person: Are babies the most immortal sims or toddlers?
    I wonder if they can fight together and we can see

  46. Sim in Sims 4 is starving to death.
    Do they choose to get a quick meal?
    They cook a meal while complaining about their hunger, then die as soon as they finished cooking.

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