Well, I liked all the Smash games
when they came out, I liked Smash 64 and I liked Melee a lot. I just played the game a lot for a few years and then I found out that there’s
tournaments, so I was like, “hmm, let me try to be the best at that.” And then two years later I was the best. Over the course of his 12-year career Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman
has been known as many things. He’s been the best Super Smash Bros. Melee
player in the world. [Caster audio] One of the five gods of Smash, a frame data pioneer, the only player to be ranked number one
in both Melee and its sequel Super Smash Bros. Brawl at the same time. Right when I start tournaments
people put me Top 25 in the world pretty fast, Top 25… I was a ranked 15th pretty quickly. And then I became rank 1 about a year and half later. But above all else
Mew2King is proof that if you work hard enough, you can be the best. Mew2King was born on February 5th, 1989,
in Cinnaminson, New Jersey. and became obsessed with
video games at a young age. On his old websites
he listed endless records he had in games like F-Zero GX, Mario Kart Double Dash, and, of course, Super Smash Bros. Melee. But when M2K started playing competitively, he failed to make a mark. Simply put, he just wasn’t that good. He wasn’t a natural by any means, but he had a work ethic,
at the time, that was unmatched and for most players still is unmatched. You can only get so good off never playing a human that knows anything about the game. Of course their first time is gonna be like, “oh, well, you have a lot to learn.” that’s natural. There isn’t much footage of that
time in Mew2King’s life, because no one cared about a player
who couldn’t succeed. He decided to do his homework and study. Mew2King spent hours upon hours amassing information about the game. If he wasn’t good at the game,
he needed to know everything about it: frame data, percentages, recovery time, get-up attack, ledge grab, item stats, grab ranges, invincibility timers, priority, movement speed, escape formula, fall speed, everything. M2K pioneered data on Melee. He knew things no one else would for years and he shared it online. I was a kid alone and I was just like, kind of a kid who’s just curious about everything and I was like, “hmm, I wonder how fast this move is,” or I wonder how far this goes, just curious. And just being curious
makes you just want to know things By year 2005 he started entering
real tournaments and started climbing fast. He went from twenty third, to ninth, to third. At MLG New York M2K placed seventh. At MLG Dallas he fell to eighth, but he kept pushing. Third in Chicago, fourth in Las
Vegas, second in Long Island, first at Evo East and first at Evo West. He wasn’t just good, he was constantly getting better. By 2007 he went from being an unknown scrub to a contender for the best in the world. He was caught in a 3-way race
with Daniel “KoreanDJ” Jung and Christopher “PC Chris” Szygiel for
the title of best in the world. But their struggle was put aside momentarily with the release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Brawl was a slower less complicated game and one that most melee players didn’t like, but M2K saw Brawl as different,
not necessarily worse, and started grinding once again. Obviously and then Brawl came out in ’08 and I was like, “let’s try to be the best at that,” then I became the best at that. Mew2King was the top ranked
Melee and Brawl player in the world from 2008 to 2009. The melee scene was stagnating, but M2K was still one of the best and he
proved it at Revival of Melee. MLG had pulled out of smash in 2007, so the community returned to their grassroots nature and put on the biggest melee tournament
since the release of Brawl. I told Alucard from New York, “okay if you host a ROM (Revival of Melee) and you invite Mango, then I’ll go.” Then I’ll go and I’ll have more motivation to actually care. Cause right now is just
beat everyone for free except Mango. And that’s actually funny
because that’s actually what happened, because I beat everyone for free except Mango. [Caster audio] M2K worked his way through the bracket until he faced Bronson “DaShizWiz” Layton in the losers’ finals. [Caster audio] Despite his incredible play Mew2King
started building up bad press. The once revered player became a controversial figure after several bracket manipulation incidents
came to light. As a result, M2K was banned from the 2010 MLG finals after he took $500 from Wyatt “ADHD” Beekman, who beat him in the losers’ finals. In May 2011 Mew2King, ADHD and
Jason “ANTi” Bates were given yellow cards for splitting their prize money following Mew2King’s fourth place forfeit. Later that year at Genesis 2,
Mew2King was given a red card for allegedly sandbagging in pools. M2K defended himself by saying,
he wasn’t in a good mood during the sets and claiming pot splitting
was common practice back then. But the damage was done,
Mew2King’s image was shot and Smashers were spreading rumors and exaggerating
tales of Mew2King being awkward, or otherwise embarrassing. After late 2010, it was like a three-year time period where I was kind of soul-searching in life. I just didn’t really have motivation for whatever. While M2K became a
growing meme within the community and the only way to silence the haters
was to conquer them. Mango: “Uhh” M2K: “Follow me on Twitch… and MVG” Mango: “What was that, what are you a baby?” M2K: “Shut up!” Mango: “Alright guys, I’ll see you later, umm” M2K: “I’m leaving!” In late 2013, Mew2King won
17 straight melee tournaments after not having taken a major in nearly a year. His slump didn’t matter, the controversies vanished, but since then Mew2King has struggled. The release of Super Smash Bros 4 Wii U
effectively killed Brawl. And while M2K was extremely strong in
Smash 4 at the start he could not keep it up. He leaned back on Melee, where he has continued to consistently place in the top eight, but he isn’t dominating anymore. [Caster audio] He might not finish in first place every time, but he’s always a contender. [Caster audio] Simply put you can never
count out Mew2King. He’s taken first place at at least one Melee tournament every single year since 2006. And he didn’t do it through raw skill
or having the best practice partners. He did it by doing his homework studying more and working harder than almost any Smasher in the business. He is proof that anyone can win, anyone can be the best, anyone can stay the best, that the king can always return. Mew2King is more than a god. Mew2King is an institution. Thanks for watching! If you want more great content
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  1. Mew2King is 30 but he looks 40 with that hairline, damn, god bless that hairline to grow back, no man deserves that

  2. Anybody can improve but not everyone has the potential to get so good. People have different potential, and he had a lot imo.

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