100 thoughts on “Top 10 Robot Suits in Movies”

  1. No Darth Vador on this suit,I see!I wish I could remake this list,and put Darth Vador at number 2 and Iron Man at number 1,and for once,give a lot of the credit to Marvel over Star Wars!

  2. Although I prefer the Bio Suit from District 9 to any other suit mentioned in the list I understand why the Power Loader made it. It's probably one of the first advanced mechanical suits shown in a really popular film and while it's far from being an advanced suit, the movie did it justice and foreshadowed it nicely.

    The fight was awesome, raw and "realistic" for a lack of a better word. Sure, Iron Man suit is cool and all, but it's too easy to give a suit that much power without any glaring weaknesses. An advanced forklift on two legs though? Awesome.

  3. Are you kidding, you putted a loader robot on the number 1 spot instead of Iron Man suit? Seriously, Iron Man's suit can destroy a hive Xenomorph and the queen with a few laser blast, missiles and darts

  4. I like how Watchmojo is running out of SOO much ideas that they went insane and put a forklift at number one

  5. Number 2-10: Glorified wanton machines of ultimate destruction. Number 1: A goddamn forklift. As much of a massive Aliens fan that I am, this list is fucked.

  6. What about the power armor from Starship Troopers? None of these others would exist without Robert A Heinlein's original concept.

  7. When Graphene, Graphyne and Carbyne become mainstream, exoskeleton suits will be possible and probably work better than the creations seen in the movies…except Ironman because rockets that fit in the soles of your boots and the palms of your gloves are at least 100 years away IMO.

  8. Sorry but I have to disagree with this list… Sort of interest based list of the one who made it… As mechanical worst taste of mech suits ma man has…

  9. I'm not impressed by your list because at No.1 there should be Iron Man and Amy have to add Pacific Rim robots robo cop iron spider falcon bat man robotic armor and winter soldier to because of robo arm he gets 50X muscle strength of human on his left arm its totally crazy

  10. I guess the intention behind the Power Loader Exoskeleton was an upcoming list that will be introduced with “… and today we are counting down our pics for the top 10 worst #1 choices in watchmojo history”.

  11. What makes the Aliens loader so epic is the backstory. It's basically a wearable forklift, not a battle suit. It's a resourceful short notice, best fit repurposing. Also, it has a gritty, near-future plausibility that the other futuristic fantasy suits lack.

  12. This was early to mid 90's but I think I remember a movie with Amanda Bearse from married with children (Darcy) where she was in a giant robot suit fighting. I was young so I could be mistaken. Definitely no movies on imdb with her in a big robot suit

  13. The problem with these kinds of suits in real life is power. How do you power such a suit without dragging around a powerplant?

  14. still prefer the powersuits from “all you need is kill”

    if you all don’t know what i’m talking about look up the manga edge of tomorrow is somewhat based on!

  15. Agree with the exo forklift being top, it was not designed as a weapon, but a tool. it made the movie.Edge of Tomorrow was a great film. District 9 likewise. and yeah, Iron Man does everything, with style. Why not add the Pacific Rim bots if you are going to use the Avitar group.?

  16. The amp suit from Avatar was designed and created by James Cameron the same James Cameron who designed the power loader from aliens because from what I heard James Cameron took a good reference of the power loader to create the amp suit

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