100 thoughts on “Trump: Obama’s people possibly behind leaks”

  1. Hillary had support from celebrities pop stars movie stars world leaders from across the globe and 1.2 BILLION DOLLARS and she and her voters could not stop this man

  2. Borders on Paranoia she says! It's outrageous to think Obama Worshipers in positions to leak would do that, because everyone knows the trinity of righteousness and fair play is the Obama/Hillary/Podesta Confederacy! A trinity of deception and Criminal sell outs if you ask me!

  3. The whining , blaming , accusations etc…since day one from Mr. Trump as the President of the USA is getting exhausting .
    The Leaks are in the White House …now !!!
    You are now the President ,act like one and just stop pointing fingers and do your JOB !!!

  4. we do horrible things to each other ya know it's politics if this is what politics are we need to fire everyone and start from scratch

  5. Leaks about your incompetence a. Not illegal (not classified so unethical at worst) b. Hilarious #trumptriggered c. Fox News greatest hits

  6. Look at Obamas web site. He is behind it. See trump is not a lying politician. He is a real person. A big threat to liberals and the illuminati. CNN. You are blind. Try not to be so biased.

  7. So childish and petty, Trump thinks Obama is behind the leaks mainly because outing a new presidents screw ups is totally something he would do. Obama is in ZeroF***sVille moron.

  8. Donald's aim is: "Make America Pay Again" – Get ready for the 2017' Financial crash, starting on April / May. He is out of control.

  9. Obamas average disapproval rating was 47% and this clown managed serve two consecutive terms, funny how many people talk about the dislike for Trump because in their little democratic world their opinion is the only one that matters.
    You democrats should start a new movement called:
    Only democratic live matter

  10. It actually would be nice if we could offer all the anti trump people an offer to be deported anywhere in the world- all expenses paid, in fact, expenses paid for a year until they get settled- never let them back in, while the pro trump people stay right here to prosper, be peaceful, be kind to one another, honor the flag and God and help one another. I would contribute tax dollars to that!! It's a democracy people- we voted and we prevailed ! God bless each and every one of you. Proud American Deplorable

  11. After 8 years of being president, I don't think anyone would want to do anything political ever again. So shut up about your bullshit lie about Obamacare being behind the leaks against your crazy administration and laws.

  12. bunch of triggered fucking bitch/brown leftists in the comment section below.
    people that have zero clue on western civilization. people that will be falling from helicopters if the shit hits the fan.

  13. the leaks are obviously coming from Trump's inner circle. Possibly Trump is the leak. A good waterboarding session will get to the bottom of this.

  14. Start arresting members of the media who publish leaks and sending them off to Guantanamo until they reveal their sources.

  15. liberals dislike the Top 1 percent but the 1 percent control the media .Everything on television is geared toward liberalism . I know how I feel about issues and don't need talk shows , sitcoms and movies trying to tell me what I should believe. Transgenders , gays , illegal immigrants , interracial marriage , protesters and marches are great in their eyes and if you disagree you are evil .
    People should be tought how to think , not what to think . Parents should raise and be role models for their children .

  16. Please take responsibility for ONE thing……anything, you're like child blaming everyone when you break a toy. what a TWIT!

  17. obama is no longer president and can no longer be president so what has he got to gain by assassinating trump's character I think trump is authorizing leaks to stay in the public eye we all know how he loves ratings.


  19. 9.2 billion to the UN, 720 million to Cairo to rebuild Muslim Mosque, 270 million to Palestine terrorism group, another 800 billion to Iran, and the list goes on Obama made sure you're and my children will be broke for a long time, and this is over 12 trillion.

  20. yeah go investigate Obama meanwhile trump takes away health care deregulates everything take free lunch from children and a bunch of other things. I do not care about someone out of office I care about who is in office.

  21. Obama is so powerful that he can convince Trump Whitehouse employees to leak to the press? How does he do that. Hypnosis? Come on Donald, stop being so weak. Turn off the TV, hang up your bathrobe, and get to work. Such a snowflake. Sad!

  22. Am I the only one who thinks that the title of the video (and the CNN article) are vastly over-dramatized. trump specifically said "possibly him or possible people from his group".

  23. Instead of enjoying retirement, Obama is still very active in politics. THAT is evidence of it, just look at some of his (Obama's) recent speeches.


    these "reporters" (because they are not journalist) are really annoying, how stupid do you have to be to get a job at one of these networks?
    1) they admit that Obama's hold overs are plotting against Trump
    2) they call Trump paranoid after he agrees to what they stated, citing those fact of leaks
    3) they twist the story to no longer be about the acts of treason to the American people
    I could go on but smh

  25. The fake news was the part where Trump was speaking. Just to be clear. I noticed he did not name any sources or proof of any kind as he demands of others now suddenly. But none of this matters to his blind followers. Sad.

  26. There is no doubt Obama and his leftover administration is behind the leaks. Soon we will fix that problem as the swamp slowly drains. Great job Mr. president!

  27. "It's not my fault! Johnny did it!" Wah, wah, wah… The narcissism oozing from this idiot just about makes me want to vomit.

    Considering how dangerous this inexperienced idiot is, thanks God "someone" is leaking information! The people have the right to understand how shaky our government is right now being led by this group of complete nincompoops!

  28. This guy is unbelievable. He'll say absolutely anything without feeling responsible to show any evidence. But the worse part is the fucking morons who accept it.

  29. CNN: the Counterfeit News Network. Still in the bag for Crooked Killary. Barry Hussein Obastard is definitely behind the leaks. He is evil. Wish that muslim 'mo would just return his birthplace, Kenya. President Trump: Keeping his promises to Make America Great Again.

  30. No President can make all Americans happy. That task is impossible. The best any President can do, is to do the very best that can be done. The arguing, name-calling, protests, the hateful words from both sides do nothing to help all of us have a better future. We stand together as a strong America or we just fade away as a failed nation in the history books. It's our choice. Please choose wisely. America First. The World Next.

  31. CNN = REAL NEWS they doing a good job by broadcasting what, who, where and when someone say something for example: President Trump accusing Obama and his supporters for leaking information, that later in the future CNN can say President Trump remember you said….. and now the leak was discover to be by someone else. Remember you accused President Obama not being born in the US and then later, you said "OPPS, he is from the US" –

    So the point is a person or anyone can say anything today and later in the future change it and CNN will always document it and just broadcast what you or any President says… to prove your own actions and teach people "Dont fall for ANYTHING, especially if you already stand for something with decency and VALUES"

    Its possible that President Obama could be behind it or not but I know better not to fall for it just because the President Trump says so "WITHOUT PROOF" #REMEMBERWIKILEAK #THEYHADPROOFOFCLINTONANDDNCEMAILS

  32. Obama is behind fucking America up obama hats white people and obama hats America obama is a big pile of shit

  33. trump tower on fire the other day and fire department investigates and now trumps tweet about taps. they put melania and baron in danger with fire. you people are monsters. may someone out there have mercy on your soul.

  34. Harry Reid is behind the leaks. Obama spread the Intel around like a flu virus with a wink wink prior to leaving office and Harry Reid leaked it to the media to weakened Trump after the election. Harry Reid is the criminal. Harry Reid is a loud mouth but notice how quiet he's been over Trump allegation of wiretapping.

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