>>So Washington Post with a doozy of a story,
the acting Director of National Intelligence, that’s Joseph Maguire, according to them quote,
threatened to resign over concerns of the White House might attempt to force him to
stonewall Congress when he testifies Thursday about an explosive whistleblower complaint
about the president, according to current and former US officials familiar with the
matter. So now, I’m gonna give you context to tell
you whether that’s true or not. Now, let me give you how the White House is
spinning it. They came out with a very simple statement,
which, again, as usual that they were kids. It just says that’s actually not true. That’s it. What if, okay, no-
>>That was really convincing.>>That’s actually not true. That is their statement.>>Power of persuasion.>>That was amazing.>>Well, do you wanna say why it’s not true
or what part of the story they got wrong? Just that’s actually not true. Anyway, so then they make Maguire come out
there and deny it.>>Is that literally it? There was nothing else?>>That’s right, it’s in the Washington Post. The White House also disputed the account. That is actually not true. White House spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham
said in a tweet, that’s it. Okay.>>Okay.>>Now Maguire comes out, and he’s gotta be
a little bit more careful. And that’s why we’re having this conversation
in the first place. Cuz he wants to tell Congress what the whistleblower
said. Why? Cuz that’s the law. So he doesn’t wanna break the law. The White House is telling him, don’t tell
him. Then I’m committing a crime. I don’t wanna commit a crime, right? So that’s the about back and forth. I’ll give you a quote that shows you exactly
what’s actually happening here in a second. But they’re making him deny that he threatened
to quit. So he says this quote, at no time have I considered
resigning my position since assuming this role all the way back in August 16th of 2019,
so earlier this month. I’ve never quit anything in my life and I’m
not gonna start now. I’m committed to leading the intelligence
community to address the diverse and complex threats facing our nation. Now when other media organizations give you
the quotes, they just leave it at that, we give you context. When you have a denial, you have to see what
do they say, and what do they not say, okay? So he’s saying, even if you believe him, well,
I didn’t threaten to resign. Yeah, but is the rest of the story true? That you’re having a disagreement about whether
you wanna testify and they’re blocking you from testifying? Well, he didn’t address that, he didn’t say
that wasn’t true. He just said I, I don’t quit man, no.>>How many times has the White House told
people that they’ve associated themselves with or have worked within the administration,
how many times have they told those people, ignore subpoenas from lawmakers? How many times?>>By the way, a translation for that is ignore
the law.>>Yeah, exactly.>>So and again, the House has to have consequences. Your subpoenas don’t mean anything if they
don’t have the force of law. In order for them to have the force of law,
at a minimum, you should be doing fines, significant fines every single day. But eventually, you have to take criminal
action against law-breaking. Anyway, now I wanna give you what Maguire
said on Tuesday evening, so last night. So this will tell you who’s right and who’s
wrong. He said, in light of recent reporting on the
whistleblower complaint, I wanna make clear that I have upheld my responsibility to follow
the law every step of the way. In other words, I’m trying to tell you guys
what the whistleblowers said cuz that’s what the law says I have to do. I am trying to follow my responsibility. He went on to say, I am committed to protecting
whistleblowers and ensuring every complaint is handled appropriately. I look forward to continuing to work with
administration and Congress to find a resolution regarding this important matter.>>And look, just to give you even more context
into this, he did go to the Department of Justice with this whistleblower complaint. And the Department of Justice told him, no,
no, no, this is a big, nothing burger. Don’t go to congressional lawmakers with this,
so->>And Maguire apparently is telling them,
guys, when the Inspector General says is a matter of, quote, urgent concern, there is
a statute that says I must give it to the Congress in seven days. It’s not optional. And Justice Department is like whatever, man,
don’t do it. That’s why he says in this quote, I look forward
to continuing to work with the administration and Congress to find a resolution regarding
this important matter. In other words, I’m stuck in the middle. I wanna tell you guys, I have to tell you
guys. But these guys are telling me I can’t.>>Clowns to the left of me, jokers to my
right.>>To the right of me, but yes.>>Whatever.>>That song, it’s a good song.>>It is, it is.>>Yeah.>>I have it on my iTunes.>>So this is very important environment. If the Directive of National Intelligence
is not allowed to testify by the White House, I don’t know what he does. I know what Congress should do. You follow the law, otherwise, there’s legal
consequences. And I think that if they actually have the
courage to do that, which to me doesn’t require any courage at all. Wait, I gave you a subpoena, plus, it’s already
in the law that you have to tell me in seven days. So that’s two different laws you’d be violating. You know that the Congress actually has a
little jail inside of the Congress. So, the Sergeant at Arms is here. So you will either tell us what the whistleblower
said according to law, or you’ll be taken into custody.>>Wow, that would be the most badass thing,
that like.>>But guys, you see the thing is, there’s
no reason not to do that. The only reason they don’t do it is because
of the club. They say, well, I do declare, he’s among the
elite. And what if they were to take us into custody? And so, I wouldn’t wanna disturb the club. But if you actually cared about getting the
justice, getting the truth and following the law, that’s an obvious thing to do.>>Yes.>>It’s actually not a hard decision at all. The only thing blocking in them is the club. And by the way, if you did that with Maguire,
you know what he would do? He obviously wants to tell you. He wants to tell you. All you gotta do is apply a little bit of
pressure. And then he goes, okay, fine, here’s what
the whistleblower said, okay?>>And how quickly would Trump start referring
to him as a rat?>>100%, and guys, now this is really important. All it takes is one critical person in the
Trump administration to break and to turn and say this is what happened. If Maguire was to say, if he got the sense
of throwing him under a bus, by the way, Giuliani now is worried that he’s getting thrown under
a bus. Man, if you cut that close to the bone, Trump
is so stupid. Anyway, if Maguire was to turn and say the
White House does not want me to tell you what the whistleblower said. They have asked me to violate the law. I will not do it. Here’s what the whistleblower said. And Donald Trump made a promise to this foreign
leader. And it is not right. And here’s the evidence of it. Good night, Irene, it’s over, okay? It takes one person with courage to say it. Because at that point, you can’t deny it. And you would have hard evidence, and it’d
be over. This close, this close. I don’t know if anyone in Washington has the
courage to actually tell the truth. But if they did, this thing is closer to over
than you realize.

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