hello and look into the beaker
automation center video automated network provisioning NSX
over the in this video we are going to show you have the clout
automation Senate exposes provision and consumes NSX
constructs while NSX has capability to integrate with many different
platforms this video will be dealing specifically
with NSX VT today the world revolves around applications
creating delivering and managing those applications is a
formidable challenge for it. by virtualizing all aspect as does Anna namely computed networking security and storage the in my customers a moving
to a completely virtualized infrastructure one that can
be dynamically configured to meet specific application needs because a virtualized infrastructure is
fully obstructed from Hobby workloads running your data center can
be deployed seamlessly on the environment before choosing build
a private cloud publicly at or hybrid cloud management is the
catalyst that empowers the software-defined data
center them with the cloud automation center accelerates the into in delivery over
infrastructure applications in custom IT services through the
dynamic configuration all these virtual a services in this
video we are going to explore have a credit
automation Center simplifies and accelerates the deployment of in a6 logical network and security
services as part of the LTTE application deployment today applications need much more than just
appropriately sized virtual machines they also need networks configured with
appropriate collectivity security availability scale and
performance the clear automation sent to condemn
asleep revision and a6 logical services customized to
the specific needs have H application as part of the point
a complex multi-tier application the club automation center improved
connectivity through deployment logical switches and networks improve
security through the intelligent placement of
workload into security group protected but gonna make formal rules it also
increases availability and performance your
applications utilizing in a6 distributed firewalls and load balancers now that you
understand the value solution delivers let’s look at the
configuration steps required automate the delivery secure scaleable
and high-performing multi applications the infrastructure administrator is the person who defines
manage in points that are required interact with discovered infrastructure
resources they cleared automation center discovers and manages the end line
computer picked through the device manager that manages those resources to communicate with these device
managers the administrative fines managed in points for each of the
virtual physical or publicly advice manages this sets up the initial discovery as
well as ongoing discovery which happens daily by
default and a6 manager is configured as a subset you’ll be in
point and when the appropriate credentials at find discovery in a6 resources is enabled
network profiles perform to primary functions firstly network interface configuration the
settings applied equally to virtual machines and
NSX edge Services Routers as part of a multi-mission blueprint
deployment the second part is the in a6 edge services rack configuration
depending on the type of network profiles you have to find within the
remote machine blueprint several rules we can feed on the NSX its services rendered during deployment these rules determine how your
application networks will interact with external networks potentially reading netting or drop in
traffic in a more complex deployment more than
one rule set may be configured dynamically during provisioning process security
groups are created in a6 manager by a security team in accordance with
the corporate policies and allow for dynamically provisioned
workloads to inherit the security policies their associated with the Securities
Group security policies include traditional set such as the lab
services and source this national sets but can also include in point services
such as any bars vulnerability management and data
security as well as network introspection services in combination these provide a powerful
suite of security services fear applications Baker automation center will discover
the security troops when it runs a data collection again stress ex-manager at which point
they can be assigned to a multi-mission blueprint when a user requests a cattle about him
through the Service Catalog the provisional workload will be added
to the define security group with nine input required from the
requesting user reservations are responsible for
defining the storage in computer resources that are available to give a business
group apart from the storage and compute resources reservations are also responsible for
the placement a virtual machines and in a6 edge services rendered onto the
appropriate poor cripple logical switch three network passing they also handle
the request and allocation network details from the
appropriate network profiles to these virtual machines and edge
serves israel’s knowing that there are three key
configuration areas that we need to specify within a reservation for dynamic network
provisioning the external network to associate with
the define it whip up the transporter in which it serves as
red as will be a member of and finally the radical way to which
routes will be advertised in the event refusing to Reddit network profile having to find a network profiles on
reservations the final step in this process is to configure multi-mission blueprint
you need to identify one or more single machine blueprints to
include as components of the amount machine blueprint secondly you need to select the
appropriate transport and information as provided by your NSX
administrator thirdly select the network profiles
which you wish to use to be a bleeping components finally identified any in a sec security
group which you wish a blueprint BM’s to
inherit security policies from once this is done you’re ready to
publish your application please print and allow users to request it from the
service catalog this completes overview be cleared
automation Cena automated network provisioning to get
additional information and demonstrations that show the steps
required to configure environment to take advantage these benefits please see managing network profiles for
NSX integration and preparing they cleared automation
center in a6 integration these two videos will provide deeper demonstrations of
the configuration steps required to set up your environment for
the cloud automation center and an a6 integration thank you for taking the time to watch
this video we hoped it wasn’t for me

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