– Hello and welcome to
this Haas tip of the day. When running a Haas CNC machine, information is constantly being fed to us graphically through the
use of control icons. We’ve tried hard to make the
meaning of these icons obvious. But you may have seen a few that have left you scratching your head. (chicken cackles) Okay, so I may have made
those up, but stick around, because in today’s tip
we’re gonna show you how you can quickly find the
meaning of any control icon. (upbeat music) We’ve gotten used to icons on nearly every device that we use, from our phones to our refrigerators, to the cars that we drive. – Nooo! – It’s no different for our Haas machines. Icons are useful. We can figure out the
meaning of most control icons without any effort at all, but if you do get stuck trying
to figure out the meaning of a particular icon, help
is just a button push away. No, really, really, just push Help. The button’s right there. (button beeps) Check this out, if you have a Haas machine
with a next generation control, just press the Help key and
select Active Icon Help. The control will display a definition for any icons that are
displayed at that moment. If you just wanna look at a
list of all of the control icons we can do that too. Press Help, and then select Control Icons. (buttons beeping) I just wish I had this
when texting with my kids. A list of our icons for both the classic and next generation controls is available on our website
as well, haascnc.com. Go to the site, do a search for “icon,” and you will find that
complete icon guide. Well, that’s it. Thanks for watching this
Haas tip of the day. (dynamic music)

15 thoughts on “What Does That Icon Mean? – Haas Automation Tip of the Day”

  1. Where is the "post to instagram" and #instamachinist icons ;)! Jokes aside that is really nifty it can show you instantly what stuff is active. Handy with folks who are not familiar with stuff and want to make sure!

  2. Got a question…..using g71 to rough a profile on haas lathe i keep getting alarm when it goes to finish profile saying tool is too big. Changed tnr in geometry to 0 and still get it. The profile is straight. I don't understand?!?

  3. Cycle start icon can be replaced by a BURGER icon. it translate to : if you can keep the machine running, you will have enough money to buy burgers 🙂

  4. It used to say in English: Optional Stop, Block Delete. Now I get some incomprehensible Chinese characters (you call it icons). It was good and Haas "fixed it".

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