Say hello to Winky, your new friend. At Mainbot, we have created Winky to motivate and stimulate children through educational games. Winky helps children aged 5 to 12 to learn the fundamentals of robotics, artificial intelligence, and programming, while having fun with the family. Learning with Winky is a unique and exciting experience. It begins with the assembly, which makes it possible to understand what it is composed of, and how it works … and continues with the editor application Winky-Lab. Using a visual programming language, children learn to code while creating their own edutainment apps. More than 20 create-your-own-apps are already available, including the alarm clock, the hot potato game
or red-light/ green-light. they improve cognitive abilities in children: speed, creativity, problem-solving, logic, adaptability, concentration, memory and attention. Winky’s apps can be played independently and do not require a tablet nor a screen. They can be enjoyed individually or with the family. Winky is built to last and evolve with children as they grow up. Several accessories are already available to change Winky’s appearance and functionality, and others are being created. Thanks to its unique artificial intelligence, Winky develops its own interactions with the environment, and encourages learning throughout the day. We have proved with more than 4000 families that children learn faster and easier with Winky, but above all that they enjoy the learning experience. A team of experts in artificial intelligence, robotics, gaming, design and animation, as well as a network of business associates and industrialization partners gave life to Winky, the first educational robot Made in France. It all started when my wife and I knew we were going to be parents. From there on, we quickly imagined ways to prepare our little daughter for tomorrow’s world. We are convinced that it will soon be as necessary to master computer languages as it is to speak English today. Winky is ready to be delivered to your home. Join the adventure, preorder Winky. Give your kids a robot to learn, create, love, and play! Winky, the first educational and evolutive robot made in France.

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