My name’s Jason Road, and today I want to tell you
how to create your own stunning looking website
in just fifteen minutes, using Wix.com. Wix is a website
where you can go and sign up,
and create your own website, using nothing more than a simple template and a drag and drop system. So, all we’re going to do
in this video tutorial, is we’re gonna briefly create a photographer’s website in fifteen minutes. The principles involved in
creating this website are exactly the same whether
it’s a photographer’s gallery an online store or business. It’s simple drag and drop. So, by following what we do in this video, you’ll be able to create your own website tailored towards your
own business or brand. So, to get started,
I need you to right-click on the link
below, and open our Wix page in a new tab in your browser. Keep that open because we
will refer to that later during the actual video. So, here we are in Wix’s elegant
and simple opening screen. Click on “Start your Website”. The next screen that you will see,
will ask you to enter your email and a password, or to sign
in from Facebook or Google. You will not be asked for
any credit card details. You can sign into Wix using
email or social media. By linking your
Facebook or G+ account, you can sign in much
quicker in the future. You will notice that
when you click “Go” you are asked to repeat
your email and password. Do this and click “Sign Up”. Now pause this video and
go to the new browser tab that you recently opened. If you have not done that yet, here is the link again. Remember, right-click and
open in a new browser. Fill in your information. Don’t worry, you’re not
committing to anything, but you will learn
Wix much quicker if you can work with the
interface right now, with me. So, on this page, we’re going
to choose our template. And to help us, Wix has provided
us with a number of categories. As mentioned, we are building
a photographer’s website, so we’re going to
select “Photography”. You can now see 5 new options for photographer’s websites. I’m going to choose the selection
for “Travel Photographer”. On the next page
you’ll see a selection of different free templates. By scrolling down, you’ll see
that there are several pages of templates to look through. Select the template that
best suits your business. In this case, I’m selecting
the “Online Photos” template, as it best suits the
needs of my website. If you click on the
“View” button, it will open a working
version of the website in a new browser. If you like the website, you can click on
“Edit this site” at the top of the screen. and the HTML5 editor will open. If you want to look at
different templates, simply click on
the previous tab. You can keep several
tabs open to compare the different templates. I like this template,
so I’m going to edit it to my needs. The first thing we need to do,
is to give our site a name. Click on the little blue
triangle, next to the Wix logo, on the top left of the screen. Select “Save” and
name your site. In my case, the site will be
called “The Odessa Files”. You will see your site
will be in the format of your email.Wix.com. You can then add your own
suffix to the web address. Before we start to modify
the website to our design, let’s have a look
this interface. On the left are 5 buttons. “Pages” allows you
to add new pages, or modify existing pages. These will also appear in the
menu at the top of the website. You can also choose
to nest menu items so that they form a drop-down
in the website’s menu. Dragging and Dropping will change
the order of the menu items. Clicking on the “Design” button allows you to change
the background colors and fonts of your site. Clicking on the “+” button
will give you options to add many new elements to your pages, such as images, text,
galleries, and buttons. Next is the “App Market”. This allows you to add premium
elements to your site, such as web forms and calendars. Lastly, the “Settings” button
allows you to monitor your SEO, that is Search
Engine Optimization, add Social Media accounts, and check your
website’s statistics. At the top right of the page,
we have the editing tools. These tools allow you
to cut and paste, add grid-lines and rulers. To the right of this,
you also can preview, save, or publish the site. If you’re enjoying this video, please give us a “Like” by clicking
the “Thumbs Up” icon below. So, let’s get started. The first thing we
need to do, is to change the heading of the site. To do this, simply click on
it and select “Edit Text”. Now type the name that you
want to create your site as. In this case, I’m calling
it “The Odessa Files”. As you can see, you can change
many elements of the text, including the fonts,
size, and the style. Next, we can modify the
menu to suit our site. In my case, I want to change
Portraits to Portfolio, and Fashion to London. I will delete the landscape
and video pages, and add a new gallery
called “Bruge”. To change the name of a page,
click on the page’s icon on the left, select the
page that you wish to edit, then click on the “Gear”
icon, to the right. Change both the name of the
page and the page address, then click “Done”. In this case, I’ve changed
the name to “Portfolio”. I can now add a description
to the gallery to tell my viewers exactly
what they’re looking at. Obviously, we want to delete
the images in this gallery and add our own. To do this, click on any
of the images and select “Organize Images”. Now delete each
of the old images and click “Add Images”. By clicking on “Upload
your Images”, you can add shots from
your own computer. Click “Add Image” to enter
it into your gallery, and the right-hand
side, you can add captions and descriptions
to each of your shots. You can also drag and drop
the images into a new order. For this gallery page, we need
to change the main image. To do this, click on it and
select “Change Image”. You can now choose
to upload an image or use one that is
already uploaded. Before we go any further,
let’s save our site by clicking “Save”, at the
top right of the screen. I will now repeat this
exercise to create a page for my photographs of London. We change the title and
address of the fashion page to “London”, delete
the old image, and upload our new shots. We can then select multiple shots
to add to our new gallery, change the order, add
titles and captions. Lastly, we change the gallery
title and description. To delete pages, we return to
the “Pages” icon, on the left, and click the “Gear” button. At the top right, in red, you
will see the delete option. I will delete the pages
landscape and video, and replace them with a
gallery page for Bruge and a “Contact” Page. Now, to add a new page, again
from the “Pages” icon, click the “Add” button,
on the bottom left, and select “Page”. a new window will open
giving you a range of pre-formatted pages
to choose from. I’m going to select “Large Grid”
from the Gallery section. We can give our gallery a
name, at the bottom right of the “New Page” window,
then click on “Done”. As you can see, a pre-formatted
gallery will appear, complete with default images. I can change the title of
the gallery at the top by clicking on it. We can now repeat the
exercise from above to remove the images
and add our own. We can reposition our
new page, in the menu, simply by sliding
it into position, on the “Pages” setting,
at the left of the page. In this particular gallery,
we have no description, so let’s add one. We can make a little
space at the top by sliding our gallery
down the screen a little. Click and drag the little blue
icon at the top of the gallery. Now, to add some
descriptive text, go to the “+” icon, on
the left of the screen, click “Add”, then “Text”,
then “Paragraph”. A text box appears in the
middle of the screen. Simply drag and drop
the box into position, and add the required text. Let’s repeat this exercise
and add a “Contact” page. From the “Pages” icon,
click on “Add”, “Contact Form”. A new page will open that
we can now edit and modify in exactly the same
way as other pages. If we click on the
“Contact” form, and select “Settings”, we
can add and remove fields and change the email address
that the form will be sent to. We can also add many other
elements to any page from the “+” icon. For example, we can add
further Social Media buttons, Video, Audio, and Documents. Buttons, menus and sub-menus,
and much, much more. All of these can be simply
dragged around the screen into position, and
edited to suit. A nice touch on this
page, might be to add a photograph of yourself. To do this, click on the
“Add” button, on the left, and then “Image”. I think we’ll have an
image without frame. Again, the choose
image window opens allowing you to either
select an existing shot or add a new one. Once the image is
inserted, we can move it, re-size it, or even rotate it. Now that we’ve got the
basic layouts and pages, let’s take a little look at modifying
the overall look of our site. We turn to the Home page. First we’re going to add
our logo to each page. Click the “+” icon,
select “Add”, “Image”, “Image without Frame”. You can then either
upload an image or select one that has
already been added. Drag and drop the
logo into place, then click on it and
select “Settings”. At the bottom, check the
“Show on all Pages” box. We’re now going to change the
images in the slide show to our own shots. Click the slide show image and
select “Organize Images”. We can now delete these
images and add our own, as we did with the
gallery pages. We can also change the
design of the site by clicking the “Design”
icon, on the left. We can choose a
different background, or add our own
custom background. Remember to click on
“Apply to other Pages” and select all your site pages,
to make the changes global. We can do similar things with the
color scheme of the website, and the site’s fonts. When working on your site,
remember to save frequently, and to preview how
the site is looking, using the “Preview” button. Check also how it will
look on a mobile device. When you are happy, press
the “Publish” button, and your site will appear
on the World Wide Web, with the address you
created at the beginning. When you publish, you’ll be
offered 2 further options. The first allows your site to
be found by search engines, such as Google or Yahoo. The second will optimize your
site for mobile devices. You should make sure that both
of these options are enabled. Once the site is published, you
can share it with your friends or customers using email,
Facebook, or Twitter. If your site is not ready, choose “Maybe Later”. Of course, all of this
can be done for free. If you want to make your
site even more customized to you, or your business. For, by example, adding
your own domain name, you can upgrade to one of
the subscription options by clicking the “Upgrade” button at the top right of the screen. As you can see, there are a
number of subscription options, and on this page you can
compare all the features of each of the plans. Even though we have
published our site, we can still come back
to it at any time and make changes to it. Just remember to
save those changes and click on “Publish”
again to update the site. You can also create
multiple different sites, each with a different
name and template. To manage sites, exit
the HTML editor, then select the site
that you wish to edit. Click on “Manage Site”. To the left of the screen, you
will see the popular shortcuts. Here, you can carry out
a number of things, such as duplicating the
site, deleting it, renaming it, or adding
your own domain, if you have subscribed
to a Wix plan. As you can see, Wix is
an extremely powerful website creation tool. Like anything in life, the
important thing is to start, and not wait for
the right moment. Wix is so easy that you can have
site live on the net today. Start your website now. Even if you don’t
finish it today. The important thing is to start. Click on the link below and
go to the Wix start page. If you have enjoyed this video, please would you mind
clicking the Thumbs Up, and sharing it with your
friends on social networks. It’s really important to me.

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