33 thoughts on “X-Touch One Logic Pro – Part 2: Features”

  1. I did the same setup with Logic Pro X and mine does not switch when you click on the tracks. I have to switch it manually even though it is set to follow tracks. Any advice? I noticed you clicking on the tracks in Logic and they follow on the Touch One but no luck here. Thanks.

  2. For some reason, even though I have track select on in my preferences, the X-Touch doesn't go to the channel that I click on in Logic, as you have shown here. Any fix for this
    ? Thanks!

  3. Cool hardware, but I'm wondering, what video editing software are they using to do all of those effects! "They're great!" ~ Tony the Tiger

  4. How do Cubase 10 follow thw X touch one? Its missing a video on Cubase 10…Please…Or i wasted my money, its frustant….

  5. Is it possible to have this track follow functionality on Digital Performer 10? Even outside a bank? An official word on this would be awesome. Thanks!

  6. Using it since a while and totally love it!!! Best controller ever! Thanks Behringer Team! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  7. Anna, I liked your 2 videos on this X-Touch. I'm new to doing mixing with music. I'm using LPX. You think I can use this as my first controller?

  8. This is great, excellent. I have one and enjoy it with Cubase. Would like to expand with the X Touch Extender. Is that seemless possible?

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